10 Makeup and Skin Questions

faq1. What makeup tools do I need for the proper makeup application?

You need powder brush in order to apply the powder evenly. These brushes must be full and round in shape. The blusher brush allows you to apply the blusher evenly, because they are especially designed to define the natural curves of the cheekbones. You also need a small brush to comb and shape the eyebrows. You can apply the foundation with a special makeup sponge or with your fingertips.

The makeup tools should be clean and of good quality.

2. Why should I use face powder?

The face powders give a matte appearance to the face and fix the foundation. They sat up the makeup, set the concealer and give your face a finish look. Applying face powder is the fastest and the easiest way to correct your makeup during the day. There are two types of powder – pressed and loose. Pressed powder helps you maintain a matte appearance to the face and the loose powder serves as a base for the makeup products.

3. Why should I use foundation?

The foundation gives your face an even color. It’s a base for the makeup application. Foundations cover both areas of coloration and blemish discolorations. They hide little pimples, dark spots, red spots, blackheads and whiteheads. A foundation should be applied straight after the application of a moisturizer.

4. How can I choose the right foundation?

Selecting the right shade and type of foundation can be really difficult. It comes in a variety of shades and textures. Those with oily skin should choose a foundation containing less oily ingredients; it should be a thick liquid. Foundation that is more liquid and containing moisturizing ingredients is appropriate for dry and sensitive skins.

5. Can the blusher help shape my face?

Yes, the blusher can help shape your face, making a log face appear rounder and a round face appear longer. The blusher should be applied after the foundation with a special blusher brush.

6. Is it true that the foundation and the face powder suffocate the skin?

No, it isn’t true. Nowadays these products don’t suffocate the skin’s pores. They protect the skin from the atmospheric influences and from the UV rays. They moisturize and nourish the skin, some of them have even an anti-aging effect.

7. How can I make my lips appear fuller?

You can make your lips appear fuller with the help of well-applied makeup. Apply a dusting of powder to the lips to maximize the lipstick’s staying power. Line the outer edge of your lips before filling in with lipstick or lip gloss. Apply the lipstick carefully and at the end add a little luster in the middle of the lips. To accentuate the lip size use a liner a hint darker but never draw outside your mouth.

8. How can I make my eyes look bigger?

To make your eyes look bigger you should apply eyeshadows and eyeliner in right shades. At the inner corner of the eyelid apply a shadow in the lightest shade. The darker shadows should be applied in the middle of the lids to the outer edge of the eyes. Use white eyeliner for the inner corners of the eyes. Curl the lashes to achieve an innocent look and apply two coats of black or brown mascara. The mascara will make your eyelashes look thicker and longer.

9. How can I give a depth to my eyes?

To give a depth to your eyes outline the eyes’ contour/ close to the lashes/ with black or brown eyeliner. Use a small brush and blend well.

10. How can I hide the dark circles under the eyes?

To hide dark circles under the eyes you must use a concealer. Apply it before the foundation and blend it well. Choose a concealer with a yellow or peachy undertone to neutralize the blue and the green in the circles. Finish with translucent powder.

10 things you should avoid when applying make-up!


  • Always apply face powder after creme. On a dry skin the face powder clogs the pores making them visible. However, on an oily skin powder doesn’t last long.
  • When choosing a nuance, remember that brighter shades are not face-flattering. Bright colors accentuate wrinkles and signs of tiredness.

Our advice: apply a small amount of foundation in the chin area, which is close to your natural skin tone. Fixate it with a sponge by gently tapping on. Then apply powder in a peach-pink nuance with a big brush.

Don’t restrict the foundation application only to the chin area. This will result in an unnatural effect of a mask.

The trick is to use a damp makeup sponge and apply the foundation starting from the neck and going up. After that tap off excess foundation for fixation and do not apply any powder on top.

Applying eyeliner on the inner rims of the eyes doesn’t make them look bigger. On the contrary – it makes them smaller and less sparkling.

To add depth to the eyes put tiny dots at the base of the eyelashes on both eyelids and then join them up. Ideally the line should always be applied as close to the base of the eyelashes as possible and accentuated with eyeliner.

Don’t apply rouge creme after face powder. This would result in two bright spots on your cheeks. The rule is – after face powder apply only rouge powder.

The nuance of the pencil used for outlining the lips shouldn’t be darker than the lipstick. The dark line stiffens the face’s sensual expression. Always use a pencil in a nuance that’s close to the lipstick.

Don’t apply shades in a dark nuance on the upper eyelid. Darker shades make the eyes look sunken. To avoid that always apply beige or pink nuances on the upper lid.

Don’t choose eye shades on the basis of your eye color. This is the best way to hide the natural color of the eyes.

Only contrasting colors accentuate the true nuance of eyes – if you have blue eyes, choose dark brown nuances; green-eyed women should opt for pink shades.
Brown and black eyes go best with all violet nuances.

Avoid wearing lipstick if you have plum lips. The best way to accentuate this naturally sensual feature is by applying lipstick in a dark pink tone with a fine brush.

Avoid green shades when your eyes are tired.Green nuances only make signs of tiredness more visible. Beige and peach nuances are your best choice here. If you want to make your eyes appear bigger, apply mascara on the upper eye lashes.

10 Skin Questions

questions1. At what age should I begin using face creams?

Once you reach 16 you should begin using hydrating face creams and serums. They protect your skin from the sun, wind, cold and from the environmental pollutants. They contain nourishing ingredients and moisturize the skin in deep.

2. Can an oily face cream provoke pimples formation?

Yes, sometimes an oily face cream can provoke the formation of pustules, white heads and blackheads. That’s why you should consult a dermatologist or a beauty expert to know what cream is most appropriate for your skin.

3. What is the difference between night and day cream?

The main difference between night and day creams is that the day creams are lighter than the night ones. The day creams are being absorbed more easily from the skin and are appropriate to be used as a base for the makeup application. Night creams contain more nourishing ingredients and often leave light oily spots on the skin.

4. Is it true that the soap is bad for the skin?

Yes it’s true that the soap is bad for the skin but nowadays there are many liquid products that are specially designed for the delicate facial skin. They contain essential oils, proteins, collagen and softening ingredients. Such a product is Kiss My Face – Pure Olive Oil Bar Soap, or Clinique Liquid Facial Soap.

5. What causes acne?

Several factors are known to be linked to acne – hormonal changes, stress, hyperactive glands, bacteria in the pores etc.

6. How can I get rid of acne scars?

Called “macules”, the acne scars can last for up to a few years. In some cases these scars are located only on the skin’s surface and can be easily treated with appropriate medicaments. In other cases the acne leaves behind deeper scars that often can be erased with dermabrassion or chemical peels.

7. How to treat pimples on the back?

When the skin on the back is very oily, little pimples and pustules may form. It’s essential to regularly cleanse and exfoliate the back. Do a back exfoliation every week to remove the impurities embedded in the pores. Do a back mask once a week and apply hydrating body milk.

8. How often should I replace my face cream?

You should use different face creams depending on the season. During the summer months use a hydrating cream with a sunscreen with SPF at least 25, during the winter use a nourishing cream with protective ingredients against the cold and the wind with SPF 15 or more.

9. Should I wear moisturizer under the makeup if my skin is very oily?

Yes. Moisturizers plump and comforts skin and make the foundation easier to blend smoothly. If your foundation disappear within few hours of application, or drags when you blend it that means that probably your skin needs more moisturizer.

10. I have blackheads all over my face, especially on my nose and chin. How can I get rid of them?

Unfortunately you can’t do much to reduce the pore`s size and the blackheads, but you can minimize the amount of gunk that gets clogged in them, which is the main reason for the formation of the blackheads. As we know the blackheads form when makeup, dirt and oil get trapped in the pores, so a daily cleaning is essential. You should use only oil-free products. Wash your face twice a day, using a granular scrub that sloughs dirt out of the pores. Always use anti-blemish face creams containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Skin Aging

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    After removing the unwanted hair by waxing my skin becomes rough and dry ,can you help me to solve this problem?

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    Hi,when i put foundation on in the morning it only lasts a few hours (3-4 hours) and i use powder too! Do you have any suggestions?

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    whats the best eye shadow colour for blue eyes and lightish darkish brown hair?

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    eve, to keep your foundation staying on way longer and put i would recommend a primer after you put on your moisturizer this will help keep it on all day an if you want something even more i suggest using a setting spray after your done all your makeup and everything one that is good is clarins fix make up. good luck

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    if it’s redness you have, neunrogeta has really good products that reduce it like acne stress control cleansers which also comes with a toner that balances the skin out. or you could use a tinted moisturizer, which is much more light than a foundation but will still even out your skin!

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