How To Do A Bikini Wax At Home

Styles of bikini wax treatments are emerging in response to lifestyle and fashion trends.Waxing is probably the best way to remove the unwanted hair from the bikini area. This method gives a clean, smooth surface and long-lasting results . Some women use hair removal creams in the pubic area. If you want to do a modest shaving of your bikini line, you can do it yourself in the shower.

The waxes used for bikini and pubic area are gentler than those used for legs, face and back for example, because the bikini area is probably the most sensitive area of the body and attention must be paid to avoid irritation. If you want to remove pubic hair, indulge in the popular Brazilian wax – just a small patch of hair is left over the clitoris; the hair on your lips, between the legs and even the hair around the anus is removed.

Waxing at home requires a few supplies before you can get started:

  • disposable wooden spatulas or suitable applicators / use small applicators for the eyebrows and face, and a large applicator for the larger areas like legs, back, abdominal, back/
  • a wax / hot or cold/
  • pre-epilation lotion that softens the skin / you can also use a baby oil but don’t apply too much because it won’t allow the wax to peel off/
  • after-wax lotion or oil
  • muslins
  • tweezers

The procedure

  • cleanse the area with an antiseptic cleaner and pat it dry
  • dust the area with talcum powder
  • test the wax to make sure that it isn’t very hot
  • take a small dab of the wax and place a very thin layer on the area
  • apply the wax with the edge of the spatula in the opposite direction of the hair growth, then pass back over in the direction of growth / downward/
  • where the hair is stronger the pull of the wax should always be against hair growth
  • place the muslin strip on
  • pull out the strip

Hygiene rules to follow:

  • Don’t use products with chemicals in that area
  • Keep the area well moisturized
  • Don’t wear tight clothing around the vagina
  • Try to wear cotton clothing
  • You can prevent ingrown hairs by using an exfoliant scrub and a loofah sponge to clean and brush away dead skin and hairs that promote ingrown hairs.


  • you need at least a quarter of an inch to do any kind of waxing
  • if the hairs are too small you won’t be able to get the hair out and it will be very painful
  • get some painkillers before waxing, they will minimize the pain
  • the more often you get waxed, the less sensitive your skin will be and the thinner your hair will grow back
  • through moisturizing after waxing can help to avoid the problem of ingrown hair, which is when the hair grows back under the skin causing infection
  • regular exfoliating treatments of the skin also will help to prevent ingrown hair
  • the effects of the wax depilation usually last for about 3 to 5 weeks
  • if you use how wax make sure it isn’t too hot otherwise you may damage the skin
  • never go the same area again and again because it may cause bruising
  • pay special attention if you have moles
  • wax at least a day before special event to give your skin enough time to calm down
  • hold your skin taut with your hand and remove the wax in one swift direction


stylesStyles are emerging in response to lifestyle and fashion trends. Waxing is probably the best way to remove unwanted hair from the bikini areas as it gives a smooth, clean surface and long-lasting results. Nowadays there are a few very popular pubic hair removal styles. No matter what is the reason you want to change your bikini “hairstyle” you should be well informed and prepared before you visit the nearest beauty parlor.

Types of Wax

Regular Bikini Wax – this style is appropriate for “beginners”. The bikini style involves hair removal from the both sides of the bikini line. This pubic hair removal style is also known as “the regular style” and is used mainly by the older women. In other words the regular bikini wax removes hair just around the front of the bikini line.

French Wax – this style is similar to the bikini style. French style is also known as “modified bikini wax”. It takes away some of the hair in the pubic region. The French style is appropriate for those women who love to wear bikinis and other skimpy outfits. In French Bikini Style a tiny, narrow strip of hair is left on the upper part.

Full Brazilian Style – also known as Hollywood Bikini Style, Bare Pubic Style, Sphynyx Style. The Full Brazilian is probably the most preferred pubic style. In it the pubic hair is completely removed, usually by waxing. In other words you are completely “bare”. The Full Brazilian wax involves a complete removal of hair from the buttocks, anus, vulva.

Brazilian Wax also known as Playboy Style involves removal of hair from the anus, buttocks, vulva and only a very narrow strip is left. The Brazilian wax is among the most preferred bikini styles as it looks sexy and is easy to groom. Recent pulls has shown that the Brazilian style is the most preferred by the men.

Landing Strip – also very common bikini “hairstyle”. It basically leaves a bit of pubic hair in the front center. The strip usually narrows in about 1.25 inches more than the regular wax.

The pain
To be absolutely honest with you I should tell you the truth – there is pain, a lot of pain especially in the Full Brazilian Wax. Fortunately you can take painkiller an hour prior to the procedure to alleviate the pain. Remember: always schedule the appointment after your menstrual cycle and have it done by a licensed esthetician.

What you should expect:
As I said above the best way to remove unwanted pubic hair is waxing as the results can last up to 3/ 4 weeks. It’s normal to experience during and a few hours after the waxing procedure.

After the procedure:
After the hair removal your skin may become red and more sensitive but it’s something normal. There are some great products (powders, lotions, creams, moisturizers, gels) that contain chamomile extract, Aloe Vera to calm down the skin


  1. Make sure you know exactly how each method is performed because the terminology may vary with different salons and Spas.
  2. Your hair should be at least half of an inch to wax it.
  3. Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning beds a few days after waxing.
  4. Take a painkiller (like ibuprofen) an hour prior to the waxing treatment to alleviate the pain.
  5. You can apply a topical numbing cream before your service.
  6. Don’t wax your bikini line if you are diabetic, if you take Accutane, Retin or if you apply alpha hydroxy acids to the bikini area.
  7. Always have your bikini wax done by a professional, especially for the first time and then try to wax at home.
  8. After several times of waxing your bikini line it will hurt less and less.
  9. Always indicate whether you want a regular bikini wax or a Full Brazilian for example to avoid unwanted surprises.
  10. Wax at least a day before special event to give your skin enough time to calm down.
  11. Through moisturizing after waxing can help to avoid the problem of ingrown hair, which is when the hair grows back under the skin causing infection.

Bikini-line care problems

When it comes down to the bikini area, most women say that shaving is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair along the bikini line. Most of us have already tried shaving and end up with a nasty outbreak of little bumps and a red rash – actually these are the signs of a classic bikini-line infection, because the skin in the area contains a lot of bacterias that your razor can pick up and drag into the hair follicles and afterward these infected follicles erupt into little bumps.

Preventing little bumps and ingrown hair:

  • before you shave your bikini-line area use an antibacterial soap – that will reduce the amount of bacteria on your skin.
  • when you have finished shaving rinse off the foam or the gel and then use a washcloth
  • after that “everyday” procedure you should apply an alcohol-free cream or lotion on the area
  • scrub your bikini line area before you shave to reduce the amount of bacteria
  • always wet the bikini area before removing the unwanted hair
  • to prevent ingrown hairs apply an antiseptic toner
  • never use a dry electric razor to remove the unwanted hair
  • always use shaving gel, shaving cream or shaving foam
  • never shave the same area over and over again as it irritates follicles and cause them to swell
  • gently exfoliate the bikini line area before shaving to remove the dead skin cells
  • use products containing chamomile, aloe and honey – they calm the skin
  • never use soap to lather up because it will dry out your skin instead use shaving gel or shaving foam
  • apply witch hazel to the area you have shaved – it cleans out the blocked follicles
  • apply baby powder on the pubic area after shaving or waxing – the baby powder helps prevent the skin from getting irritated
  • never shave the pubic area after exposure to sun – it can cause bumps and can seriously irritate the area
  • always shave in one direction
  • going over the same area over and over again and again usually irritates follicles and cause them to swell

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    Is it wrong for men to wax their bikini area? I have hair three quarters of the way up my shaft and I want to know if I can wax that specific area?

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    Samrutha and mahera -> You must wax the underarm to remove the brown shade. The brown shade is caused by the hair underneath the skin. Waxing will pull out these hairs by the roots.

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    how do i bikini wax at home without pain and if any other thing . and one thin u tell me that how do i remove my pubic hairs through steam at home ………

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    I can only get good results when I EXFOLIATE! The only really good way to do this is a home kit that does it both physically – with a brush and then overnight with a spray – it's called Bikini Kitty – and there is one for guys too — check it out – all natural – not the burning stuff like Tend Skin!! Ouch!

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