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60s Eye Makeup Look

60sThe 60s eye makeup look is still very popular among women all over the world. During 1960 the eyes were the focal point of the face – smoky, dramatic eyes, cat eyes, curled and long lashes, dark eyeshadows. The 60s eye look is appropriate for every age and every event, especially for evening parties or other events where you can experiment with different colors, hairstyles, clothes and accessories.

The characteristics of the 60s makeup are: pale, neutral lips, matte colors, dark, smoky eyes, lot of mascara, full and long eyelashes, black eyeliner, pink blush. Continue reading

10 Makeup and Skin Questions

faq1. What makeup tools do I need for the proper makeup application?

You need powder brush in order to apply the powder evenly. These brushes must be full and round in shape. The blusher brush allows you to apply the blusher evenly, because they are especially designed to define the natural curves of the cheekbones. You also need a small brush to comb and shape the eyebrows. You can apply the foundation with a special makeup sponge or with your fingertips. Continue reading